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Friday, July 5, 2013

New place for my horse racing blogs


Welcome to my blog "Five Wide Horse Racing."  As with my last blog, you will find my views about the horse racing industry along with some handicapping tips.  I started blogging for the first time this year at  From now on, my blogs will appear here. 

A little insight into my experience in horse racing: I currently write for Today's Racing Digest and I am a graduate of the University of Arizona's Race Track Industry Program.  I have also worked at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Ellis Park and

Like many people, I was introduced to horse racing from a gambling perspective.  Who doesn't like to win money?!?  As I became more involved in the sport, the horse racing industry became fascinating to me.  All the different rules and regulations, promotions that race tracks do to try to bring in new fans and what we can look forward to in the future had me wanting to learn more and more.  

Thank you for stopping by and here's hoping your jockey does not take your horse "Five Wide!"

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